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Is summer all about prints? Yes. Is it time for you to pick your perfect floral print match? Yes. There are so many printed bikinis to choose from ranging anywhere from fruit to animals. Those styles are super fun, but make sure you’re not skipping out on classic floral bikinis that will keep your summer style girly and unique.

There’s no shortage of options when you’re picking out a floral bikini. Some prints are small and cover the entire bikini set from top to bottom. Some prints go for a chunky look and stand out boldly against a bright background. The best part is there are so many different options you will be able to find the perfect blooming look to fit your personality.

Forget being confined to one particular bikini design when looking for a floral bikini. Flower prints look good on any style of swimwear whether you want high-waisted bottoms, a string bikini top or a bikini that combines those two pieces.

Match your prints to specific occasions if you really want to use your floral bikini to make a great statement. If you’re taking an island vacation find a floral bikini that uses exotic flowers in the print. If you’re hanging out by your pool pick a floral bikini with flowers that look like you would be able to find them in a meadow.

Floral bikinis will always be in style and will always help you stand out from the crowd. So often, the beach and pool are lined with swimmers wearing solid colored bikinis and it’s hard to tell anyone’s style apart from each other. Make sure you’re looking extra unique in a floral bikini. Summer is not about blending in. It’s about bold moves, strong fashion statements, and irresistible bikini styles.

Open Up

Go daring with your floral bikini and embrace a plunging neckline. Not only will you ensure a great tan, you will turn heads all day long. Bonus points to this bikini for incorporating ruffles around the edges. This is a super fun flirty look that’s gaining a lot of popularity this season. Something about the ruffles and style of this bikini makes it extra compatible with a sun hat. Since the bikini is pretty bold, opt for a medium sized sun hat. You don’t want to pick on so big that no one notices your cute floral bikini.floral bikini



Your floral print doesn’t need to stand alone. Any floral bikini will automatically be made more interesting and fun if you add another pattern to it. This particular bikini uses stripes to make a frame around the floral pattern and it’s totally perfect. Since the neck and chest area are so open when you wear this bikini you have a perfect opportunity to accessorize with a long or medium length necklace to make your collarbones look even more elegant.floral bikini


If you’re into bikini tops that are more modest, a peplum bikini top is right for you. This top offers all of the support and lift you need and flares out around the torso to make a fun flowy design. Pairing this kind of top with high-waisted bottoms will ensure you’re getting all of the coverage you need while adding a little extra shape to your backside. The smaller flowers on this floral bikini give the swimsuit a lot of energy since there are so many different blooms incorporated in the design.

floral bikini

Almost White

Love your floral bikini styles, but hate how loud they can be sometimes? This almost white floral bikini is the answer to your swimwear prayers. Don’t feel like just because you’re choosing to wear a print everyone has to be able to see it for miles around. Floral prints don’t always need to be loud and in your face. If you did want to spice this bikini up a little bit you could always pair it with colored bikini bottoms.floral bikini


Party On Top…

…business on the bottom. Just kidding, this bikini is nothing but fun no matter which piece we are talking about. If you think you’d get overwhelmed by your floral bikini consisting of nothing but flower covered pieces this style is a nice compromise. Much like wearing a floral shirt and pants, this kind of pattern still looks great when it’s matched up with a solid bottom. The ruffled edges on these bottoms add a little extra flair to help this bikini stay festive.floral bikini

Ruffle Your Flowers

Another great option for a floral bikini is a ruffled style. Most bikinis lack any kind of flirty movement because they skip out on any kind of flowy material. Break away from that mold with this bright red number. The extra material makes this bikini top great for a day at the beach but it also has a modest shirt vibe that makes it good for family occasions. The medium sized flowers are a perfect way to wear a print without taking anything away from the cute style ruffled style.

floral bikini

Crop It

Want to wear a floral bikini during your next beachy sports day? Choose this bikini! Showing up for a game of sand volleyball doesn’t have to mean you can’t rock a unique style. This bikini will give you support, coverage, and freedom to move around as you need to. Bonus: the white piping on the side helps the top stand out from your summer tan. Pairing your sporty, floral bikini with bikini shorts is the perfect choice to round out an athletic look.

floral bikini

Around The Edges

Did you notice this floral bikini actually doesn’t have a full flower on it and they all run off the edge of the top? This is a unique way to wear flowers and make sure they don’t distract too much from the bikini overall. While the flowers are beautiful, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. The bright blue background ensures that each bright part of this pattern sticks out and the shade gives the whole piece a very waterside feel. Because these flowers have a very Hawaiian feel this is a perfect floral bikini for an island getaway.

floral bikini

Add Solids

Mixing a solid top with a floral bikini bottom is yet another way to wear blooms by the pool. Don’t be boring with the solid top you choose either! Floral bottoms will match any design for a bikini top like the wrap top below. Remember, flowers are a detail for your bikini, not a rule maker. For even more fun in your look pick a solid colored top that’s brightly colored. While it might not be a traditional bikini fashion, the model below proves that simple rings can be a very effective accessory for time by the water.floral bikini


On Trend

By now you probably know someone who owns a shirt with a floral print similar to this on it. Or, maybe you yourself own one. This design is super cute on tops and even jeans and this bikini proves it looks good on swimsuits too. Wear this floral bikini to stay on trend this summer. One of the best things about this floral bikini is that the pattern isn’t overwhelming. It climbs up the sides of the bikini but doesn’t totally cover the entire piece. Plus, If you’re all about symmetry this bikini was clearly made for you.floral bikini