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Not all bikinis are created equal. It’s true, some are just better than others. They’re more daring, they have the perfect print, or they fit just right and we don’t have to end up buying something two sizes bigger than normal. Take a peek at some of the best bikinis this year so feel inspired about growing your bikini collection and staying on trend in your own unique way.

New Floral

It’s not like no one has ever seen this floral style done on clothing, but it’s been a while since it’s been worked into any kind of swimwear. The truth is, it looks amazing. Expect to see this on shorts and tops this season as well.

best bikinis


Up To My Neck

If you wondered about this style when you saw it floating around last year, it’s completely understandable. This season’s high-neck swimsuit options are way better than last year and some of the best bikinis you’ll see all summer.

best bikinis

The Classic Green

You can’t escape this color, and why try? This shade of green looks good on just about anyone in any piece of clothing. The mesh element in this bathing suit helps it stand out from other bikinis this color.

best bikinis

Pushing It

This makes the list of best bikinis because it’s a twist on the regular push-up bikinis styles we see. The shape of the cups is very unique and extra flattering for any kind of chest.

best bikinis

Light & Airy

Two-toned bikinis are in. The color combination here is totally flawless, making you look easy and breezy.

best bikinis


Middle Window

Some of the best bikinis around this summer are going to show off a little in the middle with a strappy look which is a super fun way to flatter your cleavage without revealing too much.

best bikinis

Star Studded

Bandeau style tops are probably going to be “in” for years to come. This studded bikini is tasteful, perfect for tanning and the boning on the sides for extra support make it one of the best bikinis available

best bikinis.

Minimalistic Floral

Some of the best bikinis mix in a print that speaks for itself, but doesn’t overwhelm the entire piece. This subtle floral print is a perfect example and a perfect swimsuit to slip into this summer.

best bikinis


Very Lacy

This is one of the best bikinis this summer because of the bold all-lace look it offers. Don’t be alarmed though, the black lace sits on top of a nude color so it’s not see-through, just daring.

best bikinis


Going Retro

While the color scheme and print are both a modern and classic look the style of this bikini makes it one of the best bikinis for giving off totally retro vibes.

best bikinis