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You’ve always been interested in wearing a crochet bikini and fascinated by how intricate they seem. How do they make tops like that? Who does this style look good on? And very importantly: How do you care for your crochet swim top? Or maybe you don’t think about it that much, but it’s important information to have when purchasing a crochet bikini. Caring for your crochet fashions differs a little from other bikinis Crochet bikinis are some of the most detailed and beautiful pieces we see every season. Thankfully, you’re about to have some of your bikini care questions answered along with a collage of some of the cutest crochet styles available this season. See below for all of the detailed instructions and all of the hottest styles! crochet bikini

The Basics:

When it comes to fit and fabric what might influence which top you buy?

Crochet swimsuits will actually be a little snug when you first wear them. Crochet bikinis are typically hand-made and most commonly made with cotton. After wearing the swimsuit for a little bit you will feel it start to give and loosen up a little.

crochet bikini

crochet bikini

This is important when purchasing a crochet bikini because you don’t want to find one that will be way too tight at the pool, but you also don’t want to pick one that is too loose to start with. Keep your eye out for crochet bikinis with adjustable ties or styles that include. These are made to fit different body shapes and conform to your personal level of tightness and comfort.

How Should You Wash Your Crochet Bikini?

You should always hand wash your crochet bikini. Machine washing this kind of top stretches out the shape of the top.

Crochet Bikini

What Kind Of Water And Soap Work Best For Washing?

Always wash a crochet bikini with cold water. If you use detergent, pick something mild and plant-based if possible.

crochet bikini

What Should You Do With Your Bikini After Swimming?

After rinsing with cold water and dry your crochet bikini with a towel by wrapping it up and pressing. This will remove a lot of moisture in the suit and speed up the total time it takes for the suit to dry.

crochet bikini

crochet bikini

How Should It Be Stored When Drying?

You can hang your bikini over a clothing rack to dry. The most important thing is that air circulates around your crochet beauty.

crochet bikini

If you don’t want your whole bikini to follow the crochet style there are plenty of bikinis that use crochet designs as cute details!

What Should You Try To Avoid?

As discussed, it is best to press your crochet bikini as the first step to dry it. That being said, do not hang up your bikini when it is sopping wet. The weight added by the water and moisture will pull the swimsuit and cause it to stretch out of shape.

crochet bikini

crochet bikni