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Finding the best dresses for small busts is not as difficult as it sounds.  Many garments are originally designed to be worn by fashion models, who generally have small busts.  You also have the advantage of being able to enhance your bust line with padding or embrace your size, depending on your mood.  This is something your larger busted sisters only wish they could do!

Here are some picks for the best dresses for small busts, you just need to choose the one that suits your style, mood and occasion.

Go Strapless

Strapless dresses are a style that you pull off easily because you don’t have to worry so much about it slipping off.  You also have the option of pairing it with a padded strapless bra if you want more volume.  Try the Bad Moon Strapless Long Dress which offers a rushed bodice to naturally add volume. best dresses for small bust 1

The Rose Garden Floral Strapless Dress features an elastic chest wrap ensuring it will stay put while being super comfortable.  Find both of these cute strapless dresses from dresses for small bust 2


High Necklines To Draw The Eye

Alternatively, a higher neckline can draw the attention upwards and away from a small bust.  The Black Halter Tied Open Back A-Line Dress from Chicnico is a great choice for dressier occasions. best dresses for small bust 3

Another pick from Chicnico is the Black Stripe Tie Open Belly Sheer Dress.  The wavy stripe is fresh and creates an illusion of a larger bust. best dresses for small bust 4

Also see the Bobi Crossover Dress from Ashbury Skies that makes it easy to wear your favorite bra underneath or none at all! best dresses for small bust 5

V-Necks For The Daring

For the more daring, a deep v-neck dress can look amazing on a small busted woman and you don’t have to worry about nip slips.  See these best dresses for small busts featuring a deep v-neckline.  Start with the casual Sexy V Neck Solid Color Tassels Dress. best dresses for small bust 6

If you love flower prints try the Boho Sexy Floral Print V Neck Dress, both from Chicnico. best dresses for small bust 7

The Acacia Moscow Dress from works as a beach cover-up or as a summery casual dress. best dresses for small bust 8

Some Of The Best Dresses For Small Busts Are Sleeveless

Sleeveless dresses also work well for small busts because they draw the eye away from the chest to the arms.  Try the effortless Sleeveless Midi Dress from Johnston & Murphybest dresses for small bust 9

The feminine Presley Halter Dress from Nectar Clothing is another nice dresses for small bust 10

No matter what your preference, the best dresses for small busts are ones that make you want to strut your stuff with your head held high!