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Skip the boring black halter bikini top and embrace the bright life with a neon bikini. There are bright colors during the summer, and then there are bright colors. Neon shades stand out beautifully against any color sand and give you a little extra help turning heads.

Striped It Up

Just because you want a neon bikini doesn’t mean you have to pick one solid color. Break up the brightness with stripes and a dip in the chest to accentuate cleavage.

neon bikini

Drop Dead Red

Knock ’em dead with this extra bright, red top. The floral bottom compliments the bold top and also keeps you from truly blinding anyone.

neon bikini

Into The Blue

It’s not summer if you don’t work a blue bikini into your collection. Why not make it a neon bikini?

neon bikini


Hello Sunshine

This is the best way to wear a yellow neon bikini without going too bright. It’s a less rich shade, but it’s still perfect for strolling in the sand.

neon bikini

Sunset In Paradise

Everyone loves a good beach sunset, why not walk around in a neon bikini that looks like one? This set is so pretty and so fun to wear.neon bikini

Mix It Together

Don’t feel tied down to one color with your neon bikini! Mixing two colors together and separating them with playful lines is trendy and tantalizing.neon bikini

Green Not Mean

Are you earthy and bold? A green neon bikini is the way to go. The cutouts decorated with lines add extra subtle style that won’t let you down.neon bikini


Bottoms Up

Shift the focus to your tush with bold bikini bottoms. Pick a top with a matching shade for perfect coordination.

neon bikini

Go Hawaiian

Add a Hawaiian element to your bikini for your next island adventure. Bonus points to the padding and underwire in this neon bikini to keep you supported.neon bikini

Orange & Sporty

This neon bikini has slightly, girly scalloped detailing, but other than that it offers a more sporty design. It’s perfect for tanning or hitting the sand for some volleyball.

neon bikini