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You may think finding a good swimsuit for a small bust is next to impossible, but the truth is you have an immense number of trendy styles at your disposal no matter how small your chest may be. In fact, some of the best swimsuits for small busts are the best styles of the season.

There’s no reason to avoid flirty bikinis just because you have a small bust. Whether you seek a bandeau bikini or a color block design, great style is possible.

When it comes to picking out the best swimsuits for small busts you may end up following some of the same rules you follow for bras and dresses. You’ll always want to make sure whatever style you choose draws attention to the right area on your chest or offers a little bit of a boost in the support department. Your small chest also means that unlike bustier women you can embrace a bikini with a plunging neckline without the worry of exposing too much.

Just like your dresses, experiment with different necklines. Your collarbones are a huge asset and can probably even make you the subject of everyone else’s envy at the pool if you accentuate them properly.

You can also never go wrong with searching for swimwear that has unique details like bikinis with ruffles or the trendy bikinis that wrap around your torso on both the tops and the bottoms. If you pay a little extra attention to some important elements of your summer bikini, any sultry look for the pool can be yours

It’s easy to find the best swimsuits for small busts that are flattering to your figure if you know what styles to look for. This guide will give you confidence in your new suit! 

Here are a few things to look for when shopping for the best swimsuit for small busts:

1. Underwire Swimsuits Are Your Friend! 

An underwire will help to shape and amplify what you’ve got. Even if the underwire bikini you choose does not come with a lot of extra padding, you will find it provides a moderate level of lift and support. This built-in wire does a ton of work for you whether you’re in pursuit of a skimpy bikini or something a little more modest. If you’re looking for more coverage try a slimming tankini top with an underwire in a fun print like Rio Pushup Tankini Top from Hapari. 

best swimsuits for small busts 1

2.Make It Bright

If you love fresh stripes try the Bright Morning Stripe Halter Bikini Set from Cupshe. Any striping will automatically make your chest look wider, while strings that tie behind the neck will make sure that the pattern does not also make your shoulders appear too broad.

best swimsuits for small busts 2

Bonus: Who knew that the best swimsuits for small busts would also be some with the best bottoms! Never underestimate the power of a bold pair of bikini bottoms. The bottoms on this bright bikini use a strappy look instead of fabric to hit the hips at the perfect spot and place the ideal amount of emphasis on all of your body’s natural lines.

3. Choose Halter Style Suits

Halter style tops create the illusion of a larger bust line.  They can offer more coverage with the right cut that puts less emphasis on bust size but still looks fun! In addition to drawing attention away from the bust, this suit pulls the eye toward your elegant collarbones. Try the Sight and Sounds Lace Up Bikini set from Cupshe.

best swimsuits for small busts 3

4. Choose A Little Flower Power

Maybe the Flower Bomb Cross Bikini Set from Cupshe is more your style. The trend of straps wrapping around the torso is everything you could hope for this season. This design actually creates lines that run away from your chest and places emphasis on your waist and natural curves. It’s also pretty hard to deny the power of black. This is a classic color that’s been flattering women of all shapes and sizes for years.

best swimsuits for small busts 4

5. Swim Tops With Padding

Padding isn’t just for resumes.  The trick with padding is not too much but not too little either. This is where your bra knowledge comes in handy and becomes your secret weapon. Try not to pick out a bikini with way more padding than you’re used to. Instead, try to find a padded bikini that fits and flatters like your favorite bra.  For the daring, try the Walter Glamour Ellie Triangle Top in Hot Coral from

best swimsuits for small busts 5

6. Halter In The Name Of Fashion

Check out the Bikini Pink Padded Stretchable Halter top from Chicnico. This colorful bikini is also a good example of how extra details in the middle of your chest can flatter your smaller cleavage for you. You can choose a similar style to the ring shown below or find a cute bikini that twists in the middle. Either way, exposing the bottom-most areas of your chest can create the illusion of fuller cleavage.

best swimsuits for small busts 6

7. Bandeaus Are Perfect For The Small Chest

Bandeau style tops can be impossible to pull off if you’ve got big cups to fill, but you don’t, so give this style a try! One of the best things about bandeau bikinis is how much they open up the top area of your chest to catch some extra sun. This will help you avoid a stark mismatch in skin tone between your neck, face, and chest. No makeup nightmares here. Try this fun Retro Fashion Eyelet String Bikini Top from Hapari. 

best swimsuits for small busts 7

8.You Will Look Adorable In Floral

Another option is the Summer Walk Bandeau Multi Color Floral Print Bikini Set from Chicnico. In general summer bikini advice: always explore floral patterns. Typically the lines and designs of a floral pattern will sit across any sized chest in a flattering manner. Also, let’s face it, prints are never going out of style. If floral print bikinis aren’t really your style you can keep your eyes open for other prints. Animal print bikinis, fruit print bikinis and even bikinis covered with tiny toucans are perfect styles.

best swimsuits for small busts 8

9. Some Of The Best Swimsuits For Small Busts Have Details

It’s all in the details.  If you want to emphasize a small bust, try swimsuits that have fringes, ruffles, patterns, and embellishments.  These fun details will add some subtle volume to the chest area. You can even try out a studded bikini because it does the work of both swimwear and accessories. This Chicnico ruffled Black Bikini Padded Stretchable Halter is perfect for adding a little volume right where you need it.  

best swimsuits for small busts 9

10. Ruffle Some Feathers

Why not try out the Montce Swim Rose Ruffle Wrap Trop from Ruffles add character to any wardrobe piece and bikinis are no exception.

best swimsuits for small busts 10

If you’re not into the detailed options this season’s bikinis present you can always add jewelry. Gold jewelry wears well at the pool or the beach because gold stands out against both skin and colorful swimwear. You can even choose to wear flash tattoos if you’re not down with the thought of possibly losing jewelry in the water. Flash tattoos are metallic temporary tattoos that often mimic the design of jewelry or look like feathers and tribal patterns. When they hit the light they shine beautifully!

Embrace your small bust! As you can see there’s no reason to shy away from swimwear this summer. In fact, sometimes your small bust will serve as an advantage when it comes to finding the perfect summer bikini. It might not feel like it, but a small bust actually means you have fewer rules you should follow when swimsuit shopping. There are just more fun tips and tricks that you’ve hopefully learned from the cute styles you’ve seen.

Try those styles that your friends would never attempt because they’re worried about wardrobe malfunctions.  To find the best swimsuits for small busts you’ll just need a little time and patience. The stores are stuffed with cute, flattering options just waiting for you to come along and discover them. Most importantly, above any advice you may come across for your summer style, the best swimsuits for small busts that truly make you feel confident and true to yourself are the right suits for you!