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Roses are red, violets are blue…so is water, the summer sky, and your next perfect bikini. Excuse the poor attempt at poetry, but let’s face it, blue is your best friend every summer when it comes to picking out the perfect swimwear.


This 50/50 blue bikini is to die for. On its own, the style of the bathing suit is perfect, but it’s genius to divide the two sides of this bikini into two solid colored parts.

blue bikini


Cut It Off

This blue bikini top looks like an adorable shirt you would wear out except, it’s been cut off and made into a bikini top.

blue bikini

Think Tank

Blue is a perfect color when picking out bikinis for curvy figures. It’s always flattering and eye-catching in all the right ways.

blue bikini

The Active Life

For those who prefer the active life at the beach, a blue crop top bikini will take care of all your needs. You’ll have coverage, color, and a super cute pattern with this bikini

Feathery Friend

Feathers aren’t just for the birds. These colorful accents on a navy blue bikini look stunning and compliment tan skin.

blue bikini

A Little Ruffled

Never underestimate the presence of extra fabric around the edges of a blue bikini. It’s the perfect touch to an already beautiful bikini



It’s a super fun choice to pick a bikini that looks like both you and the piece itself are framed. The nude lines on this blue bikini do just that, and it looks bikini

Solid & Surprising

Mixing solid blue on top with a tropical floral pattern on your bottoms is a sure fire way to look both festive and put together at the beach.

blue bikini


White stripes on a bikini are a very simple way to break up the monotony of solid colored styles. This blue bikini in particular looks extra beachy and breezy.

blue bikini


Dive Deep

This deep blue shade feels like you’re diving way down toward the bottom of the ocean. It’s so rich and bold that you’ll never want to take it off.

blue bikini