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The bikini of your dreams is out there…actually it’s here. These are some of the most dreamy styles of the season from the skimpy to the bold to the classy. Talk a walk through beautiful colors and unique designs until you land on the bikini that meets all your swimwear dreams.

Not Quite Nude

It’s always fun to wear shades that walk the line of two different color families. A mostly pink but almost nude shade will never steer you wrong.

the bikini



The bikini you see here is doing it right. Instead of a totally overwhelming floral print, the pattern is placed on the swimsuit to make you look outlined in beautiful blooms.the bikini

Boating Anyone?

The blue stripes and red detailing on this bikini instantly bring a day on a boat to mind. Even if you’re not spending the day boating this suit will offer a good level of coverage and support up top.

the bikini

All About Contrast

This is another great example of floral print done right. A dark background and bright flower will go a long way at the pool. Not only is it totally precious, this particular color combo will make any tan you’re working on look darker.the bikini


Hanging By A Thread

One-shoulder styles are a great twist on typical bikini designs. This style is especially great because the bikini ties directly at the shoulder. You can ensure the top fits just right and stays in place all day.the bikini


If you thought color blocking was thing of the past, you’re wrong. The designs have definitely become more refined and simple, but that classy edit is why they’re still around. The bikini below is a great example.the bikini

Soft The The Touch

Who said every bikini had to be made out of the same material? This bikini embraces velvet which is a great way to give your swimwear some texture without going over the top.

the bikini

In The Trees

Bikinis with prints tend to steal our hearts with ease and this pattern is no exception. Palm trees make a perfect design on this crisp white bikini.the bikini


Denim Damsel

Don’t be fooled, this extra cute bikini isn’t actually made out of denim, but it mocks the look quite well. It’s perfect for festivals, concerts, and beach days.

the bikini

All About Versatility

More coverage? Check. Four different ways to wear this top? Check times 4. The removable straps that come with this bikini can be worn as a halter, criss-cross, or tank style or taken off if you just want to go strapless.

the bikini