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Your favorite celebrity with a bikini body that makes you green with envy will rarely take the time to discuss their flaws. The focus always remains on fit abs, deeply tanned skin and the perfect poolside accessories. However, recently, country singer Jessie James Decker paused to not only acknowledge, but embrace the flaws she believes she sees once her bikini is on.

“Just another day in paradise!!!” she exclaimed in a caption of an Instagram post. She sat against a beachy backdrop sipping iced tea in a mauve bikini (featured in her soon coming Kittenish line). Her necklace and sunglasses completed a chic look. Although she looks completely stunning in her beach attire, Jessie called out her “#LooseMommySkin” in the caption.


Despite this imperfection, her followers chimed in with approval and support. Decker’s honest attitude in her post encouraged her fans to offer comments of their similar stomachs. One follower added “My big bubby was 10b 1oz and my belly looks like same!! I’m somewhat self-conscious of it but I love that you own it and you own your happiness. Thanks for all the inspiration, Jessie! 💕👶💁.” There was an inspiring wave of responses to an inspiring post.

Others had more comical responses, pointing out that if that was Jessie’s flaw then they were “made of flab”. The truth is that despite any “imperfections” a post-baby body mommy sees, there is no reason to be ashamed. Jessie James Decker is evidence of that as are amazing moms everywhere. Never do anything but celebrate what identifies you as a strong woman who brought life into the world!