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It’s pretty safe to say that the two piece┬ábikini style rules almost every season, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t┬átry out a bold one piece bikini. These styles are equally cute, flirty, and sultry. Gone are the days when “one piece” meant boring and dull. Try out something new the season, try a one piece bikini.

Flower Girl

Try this one piece bikini out. The majority of the coverage here comes from the darling floral design. The rest of the suit is made out of a daring sheer material.

one piece bikini


Edges were made for detail. This one piece bikini has ruffled edges for a perfectly playful look.

one piece bikini

Under Water

The deep neckline on this one piece bikini mixed with its color makes you think of diving deep down into the water.

one piece bikini

Follow The Line

You have to love how it feels like there’s one line that snakes its way through this bikini and creates a great shape for any body type.

one piece bikini


It’s a Tie

There’s something way too fun about any kind of bikini that incorporates string and ties into its design. This beautiful red one piece bikini is no exception.

one piece bikini


The asymmetrical look never seems to go out of style no matter what piece of clothing you’re considering. This one piece bikini proves that design is stylish and still surprising.

one piece bikini

Two Tones

Why keep everything the same color? Choose this bikini to wear two great colors in one great piece bikini

Double Shape

This is one hot online bikini. On top of already creating a flattering shape, this one piece bikini introduces another shape in your torso to compliment and accentuate your curves.

one piece bikini

Tankinis Are Close

If you’re having trouble finding a one piece bikini that you truly like consider a longer tankini top which offers the same amount of coverage and gives you more control over the style of your bottoms.

one piece bikini


Hanging On By A Thread

This is almost a two piece bikini except for the too-cute connector between the top and bottom. This will create the trendy cutout look everyone wants this season.

one piece bikini