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Orange you glad it’s summer? Okay, excuse the dad joke, but it’s become pretty clear that orange is a very hot color for your bikini this summer. Rocking an orange bikini means standing out against the water, the sand and definitely standing out from every other bikini-wearing beachgoer.

Cross The Line

Let’s dive right into an off-the-wall style. This orange bikini offers a refreshing design that ditches traditional strings and triangle shapes. Pick this style to showcase your fashionably rebellious bikini


Cut It Out

Step into cut-outs and a cheeky style pair of bottoms. Skimpier styles and orange go together like peas in a pod.
orange bikini

All About Stripes

The stripes on this bikini are so close together it almost looks like an optical illusion, but if you catch people staring it’ll definitely just be because of how good you’ll bikini

Hold Me Tight

Embrace the wraparound trends of pool season with this light orange bikini. Coverage and support abound so you can spend the day in the sun with some peace of bikini

Halters For Days

Halter style bikinis look good on everyone. Thick stripes will enhance your bust line and the narrowed shape toward the top will keep your shoulders looking perfectly bikini



Choose an orange bikini with a neckline that plunges and then plunges a little more. The open chest is a great way to keep your style bold and bikini

Stay Small

At first sight, this orange bikini may look like it’s a “normal” size, but a second glance reveals just how tiny and tantalizing it really is. orange bikini

Mix & Match

If you’d rather not lock yourself into one color you can pair a different colored top with your orange bikini bottoms. Orange actually contrasts and mixes well with a wide variety of colors like this turquoise top. You could even embrace the metallic look and match this up with a gold bikini bikini


Go Abstract

Some patterns don’t really have a particular name you can nail them down to, and that’s fine. Abstract orange bikinis give off a festive vibe that’s perfect for your next pool bikini

Stitched Together

The stitched look around the edges of this orange bikini is one the most simple designs you’ll find on any piece of clothing yet, it gives the swimsuit so much character and appeal. orange bikini