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If shopping for plus size bikini tops stresses you out, stress no more. This season’s plus size styles are intriguing, trendy, and perfect for all of your days by the water. Looking for unique patterns? You’re covered. Looking for high-waisted styles? You’re covered there too. No settling this season because you deserve to find the most flattering bikini possible. No matter what your swimsuit personality is this summer is sure to be full of style.

Subtle Yet Stylish

We all love animal prints, but sometimes they are a little too exaggerated. This bikini avoids that mistake and presents a perfect pattern for long days by the water.

plus size bikini tops

True Blue

This very simple blue top is just what you need if you’re looking for comfort and support. The cups are designed to be extra soft while providing an equal level of padding and size bikini tops


More Flowers More Power

It’s so hard to keep from falling in love with this floral pattern. It’s even harder when you take into account the thick band on top for support and the contrasting striped blocks on the size bikini tops

Key To My Heart

Keyhole designs are a simple way to combine classy and edgy in your plus size bikini tops. Plus, high-neck and halter styles will flatter your shoulders and neckline.

plus size bikini tops

Stripe Life

This bikini offers a more sporty option for your pool style. This is perfect if you tend to be more active in the water or if you just want to wear a little more coverage.

plus size bikini tops

Back In Black

This simple black bikini is everything you’ve dreamed of. It features elegant lines, underwire, and even multiway straps to make sure everything fits size bikini tops


Bandeau Babe

There’s something about bandeau styles that no one can get enough of. It’s even harder to pass them up when they’re beautiful colors like this mint green top. Bonus: This top comes with removable size bikini tops

Solid Set

A solid color bikini set will always help you draw the right attention on the beach. This is perfect if you like the color from the bandeau style above but prefer a different size bikini tops

Shoulder Showoff

If you’ve seen this style on tops this summer you know just how adorable it is. Why not try it during your search for plus size bikini tops?

plus size bikini tops

Lattice Love

This is a gem among plus size bikini tops. You’ll have full coverage, but not without sacrificing fun details. The lattice pattern just below the neck is totally unique and totally on-trend.

plus size bikini tops