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While it’s true that almost every bikini style available has something great to offer, there are some that stand out more than others. Small bikini styles are probably some of the most fun options you can peruse and pick out for your swimwear collection. Let’s be serious, by the time the official first day of summer rolls around everyone is already sweltering. Why wouldn’t you want to ditch the majority of your clothes and spend some time by the water?

Wearing a small bikini might be a little tricky at times, but it’s well worth trying out a few different designs to find your ideal fit. Because of their tiny nature, a lot of small bikinis are actually quite flattering. There’s only so much material to work with so they hit you in all the right spots and expertly show off your physique.

One of the biggest challenges you may face is finding a pair of bottoms that fit perfectly. Like underwear, there are certain cuts that are ideal for your shape and others that fall flat or just refuse to stay in place. Try out a few different styles that range anywhere from slightly smaller than average to barely-there. You’ll find your happy medium in no time.

When it comes to small bikini tops your bust size only matters when it comes to your personal preference. If you have a large bust you may find that even though you’re going smaller, you still want as much support as possible. If you have a small bust, you might be surprised at how well a small bikini can accentuate cleavage and flatter your chest.

No matter what specific style you end up choosing, a small bikini will never let you down whether you’re enjoying beach time, pool time or lake time. Small bikini styles are the perfect way to add a little extra heat to any summer.

Open Up

This small bikini from is a great option for a number of reasons. It’s wide open to flatter your chest and expose plenty of skin to the sun. This is great for drawing attention to cleavage and this much direct exposure to the sun will keep your tan even throughout your face, neck, and chest. This small bikini is also nice if you’d rather wear a very small top and stay neutral with your bottoms.

smallest bikini


High Cut For Your Butt

The higher cut on the bottoms for this small bikini will leave more of your backside exposed than you’re used to and that’s a good thing. Small bikinis are meant to help show off all different angles so this one is just taking care of the booty for you. This bikini feels even smaller due to the stringy sides. Strings are probably one of the most simple ways to give a bikini extra charm without trying too hard. Find it at bikiniThe top is also a perfect option for keeping your swimsuit small. With a stringy look in the middle to match the bottoms, you’ll be drawing attention to all the right places. Wear this bikini top a little slouchier than you’re used to for an extra steamy look.


Plunge & Plunge Again

If you’re feeling extra bold try a small bikini that bravely plunges lower than any swimsuit you’ve ever seen. This particular red bikini almost doesn’t have any kind of neckline due to its daring design. You can be sure that this is also an underwire bikini that will be doing some support work for your bust. Supported and skimpy? Say “yes please” at bikiniThe best thing about these bottoms is that while they do plunge and show off a ton of skin, the cut is still tasteful. This cut is great at making your waist look smaller, and making your booty look a little bigger.

(Kind Of) Wrapped Up

Wrap bikinis seem to be all the rage this season. They’re an exciting twist on classic bikini designs and something about a little extra strap feels a little extra sexy. However, this wrap bikini is extra small up top compared to some of your other wrap bikini options. It may look innocent because of the floral print, but this swimsuit is sure to help you show off extra.small bikiniWhile this particular pair of bikini bottoms may not really be smaller than normal, the top can pair well with small white bikini bottoms or small pink bikini bottoms. It’s fun to mix and match your tops and bottoms to get the perfect look!

Crochet Kind Of Day

At first glance, this bikini seems to be a normal size, but then you realize just how much of the bikini is subtly see-through. Crochet bikinis are yet another style that has gained popularity this season. They are completely adorable and simultaneously a very steamy look. This small bikini style is good for any water occasion, but most ideal for beach time. Something about crochet styles just feels “islandy”.small bikiniThis set of bottoms will draw attention to the front where the material is scarce and free flowing tassels add a layer of flirty fun to the whole piece.

Going Strapless

The quickest way to make your bikini look smaller is to ditch the straps and wear it low. Small bandeau bikinis are ideal for tanning and ideal for days that are almost too hot to handle. When you’re sweating and soaking in the sun you don’t want to worry about adjusting straps and keeping them from digging into your skin. Strapless bikinis are also very flattering to any chest size.small bikiniOne of the most fun elements of bikini bottoms that tie on the sides is your ability to adjust how they lay. You get to choose how high up to tie them, and how tight to tie them which means you’ll have the perfect fit every time.


Hanging Low

Why does this bikini look so small you ask? The cups hang much lower on the straps than most bikini styles you’re used to seeing. Because of the low placed cups, you’ll see that this is another small bikini style that embraces the plunging neckline. Style points: you have to love how the bikini looks framed in a neutral shade that’s offset by a darker color.

small bikini

No gimmicks here, these bottoms are small, tight and help give your thighs a nice shapely appearance.


While the coverage on this triangle bikini may look long, it’s skinny and it’s definitely small. If you have a large bust you won’t be able to hide it with this skimpy style. If you have a smaller bust this is a sneaky and flattering way to get away with wearing less. While you can choose to pull the cups out across the bottom band the best way to embrace this hot design is to keep them bunched up.small bikiniWith a high cut and virtually no extra material on the sides, these bottoms will take everyone’s breath away.

The Minimalist

If your goal is to keep things as simple as possible, try out these very small bikini bottoms in black. Everyone needs a trusty pair of black bikini bottoms for their summer adventures. This particular pair is ruched in the middle to provide a little intriguing detail and a whole lot of “ooh la la”. Black bikini bottoms go well with almost any bikini top you have in your collection, which is why they’re essential to your summer wardrobe.small bikiniBecause these bottoms are so simple it would be extra fun to pair them with a printed bikini top or something you have that’s a little more off the wall. What would you pair them with?


Hanging By A Thread

If you really want to test out the bandeau style, but you’re worried about keeping it in place, this small bikini style is perfect. You’re still embracing the look of less coverage, but you’ll have a little more insurance along the way. Sometimes bandeaus don’t fit perfectly so it’s nice to have a thin strap to keep them from getting moved around too much. The floral print is a beautiful mix of colors and the adjustable eyelet in the middle is a welcome surprise to this bandeau bikini. small bikiniPair this top with cut out bikini bottoms or a bikini thong to keep the extra small vibe alive throughout the whole swimsuit. Find it at