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Why bother sifting through all of the different bikini styles at the store this summer? Just go by one rule: pick the smallest bikini you see. It can really just be that simple. Is there really any reason to argue against swimwear that’s going to help you get more of your skin tan? Is there any reason to argue against wearing the least amount of clothing possible once the temperatures break 90? Just do yourself a favor, fall in love with the smallest bikini you can find and stick with it.

Show In A Bandeau

Don’t let the strings fool you. This small bikini top is only covering the essentials in the chest area and leaving the rest for the sun.

smallest bikini

Going Low

A great small bikini will look even smaller when the neck plunges way past the average stopping point and the entire material of the suit hangs low on the straps.smallest bikini


The best smallest bikini will be made of two pieces: small top that shows off your cleavage and a pair of bottoms that are cut high enough to accentuate your backside.smallest bikini


Shrink With Strings

Any bikini broken up with string details instantly becomes smaller and way sexier. It’s an extra flirty look that you won’t be able to get enough of.smallest bikini

Bow ‘Em Out Of The Water

The best thing about the smallest bikini styles is that they take on some of the cutest shapes which also makes them great bikinis for curves. This cinched bandeau top looks just like a bow and the scalloped edges are a precious detail.smallest bikini

Strapped In

Any good small bikini will push the levels of exposure to new limits. This tiny pair of bottoms will cause the best kind of double takes possible as you stroll the beach. smallest bikini


Ruffled & Ready

You can’t pass up a bikini that frames your chest in classic ruffles. They may look dainty, but this bikini is far from innocent.smallest bikini

Laced With Love

It just wouldn’t be right if a lacey bikini covered everything up. Opt for lace on your small bikini to stay both classy and sultry.smallest bikinis


Extra coverage means nothing on this bathing suit.  The closer you look the more you realize any part of this bikini that isn’t covered with stripes is completely see-through and only leaves very minimal coverage.smallest bikini

Tiny Time

Just like lace, it just wouldn’t be right of a velvet bikini came in any size other than tiny. The tiny triangle top and miniscule bottoms are absolutely ideal for lounging by the pool.smallest bikini