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Four years after Celine Dion put her gorgeous Florida estate on the market she’s sold it for about half its asking price.

The property is five-and-a-half acres and includes everything you could imagine like a house with 14 bathrooms, 13 bedrooms and, get ready for this, a waterpark with an ocean view. The estate originally listed at $72.5 million, but she had to cut the price to $38.5 million and offer almost everything inside the house to finally sell it. Keep scrolling to get a peek inside this beautiful property that the buyer plans to use as a vacation home.

The home sits 25 miles north of Palm Beach on Jupiter Island and can you believe this house has 13 bedrooms? Of course, it also comes wth the kitchen of everyone’s dreams with not one, but two islands.

And if you were looking for an oceanfront element the home has 415 feet of it. Why stop at one outdoor pavilion area? The property has five!


The upscale pool house has a separate kitchen, a built-in grill, sleeping loft and massage room.

This home also has the living room of everyone’s dream with a beautiful ocean view, but If you’re not an ocean person, there are three pools on the property to choose from.

Celine Dion’s buyer sure found the estate of a lifetime!