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There’s a lot of risque looks for bikinis this summer, a lot of “cute” looks and a lot of wild looks as well. If you’re not really into any of those, your best bet is a sporty look! There are plenty of sport bikini options that are simple, sleek, cute, but still ready to hit the beach for some volleyball or a day of canoeing.


The crew neckline and coverage on this sport bikini makes you feel a little less like you’re wearing a bikini and more like you just suited up for the trophy in a sand volleyball tournament. Even though it’s sporty, the print keeps the bikini flirty.

sport bikini



Bralette Loose

With a more open neck, but still enough support for sports, the bralette look will help you stay active in style.

sport bikini

Reach For The Sky

Sky blue is for you! The small straps on the side will actually allow for a little more free movement, and the tie at the back of the neck will ensure the top fits just right.

sport bikini

Royal Blue, Royal You

You’ll be hard to miss when you go for a jog in a brightly colored sport bikini like this! It’s totally classy and ready for anything.

sport bikini


Leafy Lady

Who said the sporty look couldn’t take a walk with nature? The high-neck style that’s super popular this pool season is perfect for all your activities and transitions right to kicking your feet up and relaxing.

sport bikini


Simple & Sophisticated

If you truly want to keep it as simple as possible an all black sport bikini is the way to go!

sport bikini

No Peeking

Sport bikinis that wear like sports bras are awesome. Sport bikinis with a little cutout to keep them trendy? Even better!

sport bikini

Sporty Can Be Skimpy

If you want to mix the sporty and skimpy look together in a unique way, slip into this bikini

Protect Your Skin

If you plan to spend the majority of the day near the water doing any kind of activity and you want to protect your skin this sport bikini top is ideal.

sport bikini



Mix up your strap situation and only wear one. The bright colors are extra eye-catching and the stripes make the perfect added detail.

sport bikini