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Ah, the sports bikini. Not everyone spends their entire summer laying by the pool sipping drinks. While you should relax and do this from time to time, some of us ladies like to spend our summer days engaging in water or beach sports. Some of us are even headed to staff summer camps where sports bikinis are ideal. It’s all about functionality and style and this season’s styles have you covered.

When shopping for a sports bikini, keep coverage in mind. There’s no rule that says you have to show up in full workout gear, but do think about how worrisome it might be to work out in your bra and underwear. Makes sense, right? You don’t want anything falling out while you’re trying to ace your jump serve!

If you’re not looking to spend all day in your sports bikini partaking in activities and you just like a low-key, athletic look keep in mind how simple sports bikinis should be. They’re best when they’re minimalistic and skip the strings, extra straps, and tassels that are much better suited for different bikini styles. If you’re less worried about too much time in the sun a lower neckline should give you all the extra detail you need.

While not often emphasized, most sporty bikini tops will pair best with one of two types of bottoms. Bottoms that fit well, but are a little tighter than normal will be less likely to ride up. You don’t want this surprise discomfort when you’re trying to score on your water polo enemies. Bikini shorts will enhance your athletic look. Bikini shorts are also a great option if you serve as safety staff on a waterfront.

Red Is The Best

It’s a low-key trend right now to see tops that are a v-neck style that zip so you can either really open up or keep things work appropriate. This same concept applies for this red hot sports bikini. The zipper gived you full control over how much of your chest you’re showing off while going about your sporty activities. A red bikini is also just a great way to stand out against the water or the sand no matter what the activity is.sports bikini



Sports bikinis don’t have to just follow a monochromatic theme or only look like you’re ready to play Olympic volleyball. This color-block bikini from proves that. The bright colors are an extra fun way to use this design for a bikini that you could easily wear down the river for a daytime canoe trip. The use of color keeps this sporty bikini style feminine without going over the top and the coverage will make sure any extra movement won’t cause unfortunate “slipping”.sports bikini

Still Sultry

Who said your sports bikini had to throw out all of the elements that can make a bikini sexy? This sports bikini cuts a little lower than more athletic options, but you can still move about freely in it during a game of sand volleyball. The neutral shade of this bikini is really what drives home the fact that just because you’re staying active by the water doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking a little extra steamy.sports bikini

Like A T-Shirt

Remember when you were young and you saw girls tie their t-shirts with hair ties to make them fit? Were you one of those girls? Well, it’s time for a throwback to those days, except this sports bikini makes it look way better than your classmates ever could. The knot in the center of the chest really does make you think of a t-shirt and you can bet this gray bikini is every bit as comfortable as a t-shirt.sports bikini

Go Wild

Embrace an animal print on your sports bikini. You’re still getting every bit of coverage and support you need from this bikini, it’s just in the form of a wild animal print. The bottoms are cut at a perfect spot on the hips and the sports-bra style top will hold everything in place. While it may be hard to say which animal these stripes remind you of you better believe you’ll stand out from anyone who thought sports bikini meant “no fun bikini.”sports bikini

Hello Waist

This is a great example of how a sports bikini can easily turn into a high-waisted bikini. The high-waisted look isn’t just for tapping into your retro side, it can protect your tummy from diving into the sand, keep a life jacket from rubbing you the wrong way and if you already have an athletic physique this style is sure to show it off. Bonus: yes, this design looks like someone colored it in with crayons. It’s a perfectly innocent design that will make you feel like a kid again. Shop now at bikini



A cropped style is an excellent option for a sports bikini. It can feel a little more comfortable to wear a bikini top that fits more like a shirt if you need swimwear for athletic activities. This top will also offer you some extra coverage up top that can protect your skin from prolonged hours in the sun. You can rest assured that will always make sure their sporty bikinis give you the support you need most. While the top here is paired with matching navy bottoms there’s plenty of room for you to wear bottoms that match any of the other beautiful colors in this bikini’s design.

sports bikini

Sultrier Still

If the first sporty, sultry bikini you saw wasn’t enough, take it one step further with this bikini with a plunging neckline. You won’t always want a sports bikini for a super active day by the water. Sometimes you just want to look slightly athletic while still remaining flirty. This bold style from grants that wish with precision. The simple color scheme makes this white swimsuit look athletic while the low cut cups turn up the heat. Bonus points to the bottoms for bringing the cutout trend to this already trendy swimsuit. sports bikini

Joined At The Hip

Sometimes you just can’t count on two separate pieces working out on a sports bikini. This summer bikini has a connected top and bottom to keep movement from putting you in danger of coming untied. You’ll be able to freely move about your day and activities with the knowledge that everything is staying right where it belongs. Bonus: everyone needs a black bikini in their swimwear collection. This is a fun way to depart from regular black bikini styles and try something unique.sports bikini



It’s no secret that everyone is falling in love with high-neck bikini tops this summer. This is exciting for anyone looking for a sports bikini because it means there are plenty of bikinis out there that offer the extra sun protection of crop top bikinis, but also stay on trend. You don’t have to ignore popular styles because you find yourself needing or wanting something less frilly than normal. High-neck bikinis have all of your best style and functional interests in mind.sports bikini