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While there are plenty of work-arounds these days to any clothing that doesn’t properly cover or support your chest, it’s just best not to worry about it when it comes to bikinis. Padded bikinis are a gift from the fashion gods that everyone should be taking advantage of. Padded bikinis fit better, feel more secure, and are typically a much better quality than a thin, un-padded bikini. Don’t get trapped in a swimsuit that does’t offer you a little extra peace of mind this summer. Check out the¬†styles below and rest assured that when it comes to padding, they have you covered.


The asymmetrical style seems to have started most strongly in jackets for winter, but now that it’s bleeding over into summer attire, no one is complaining.

padded bikinis

Off The Shoulder

This is one of the most exciting trends in tops and bikinis this season. This style is a great way tan without extra lines, accentuate collarbones and rock a little extra coverage.

padded bikinis


Pick this bikini for a more sporty look. The simple design and functionality make it ideal for beachy, physical activities.

padded bikinis

Criss-Cross Up Top

This season’s bikinis are all about the criss-cross style around the torso, but it also works up top!

padded bikinis


Lately, we’re only seeing the scrunched look on bikini bottoms, but it still proves to be a cute look for bikini tops.

padded bikinis

High & Low

The high-waist bottoms on this bikini allow for good front and back coverage while the low top allows for prime skin exposure to the warm sun.

paddeed bikinis


Zip It

This sports bra inspired bikini is too perfect. The coverage and support are perfect and the bright zipper contrasted against the gray top is a perfect detail.

padded bikinis

Bandeau Bow

This black bandeau bikini is had adorable scalloped edges and you have to love how the top looks like a bow/

padded bikinis

Hello Sunshine

This shade of yellow makes for a great pop of color in your collection of padded bikinis. Extra points to the twisted design of the top.

padded bikinis


Sweet Salmon

This high-waisted bikini with extra coverage will still create a flattering shape and accentuate all your curves.

padded bikinis