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Maybe you tend to lean toward wearing bikini shorts and not traditional bikini bottoms. They tend to be very comfortable and they offer way more coverage than traditional bikini bottoms. Whatever your reason may be for picking bikini shorts you’re always going to want to make sure you have a cute top to go with them. Browse these styles and pick your perfect top.


Throw it back to the days of your parents with this retro looking top. It’s perfectly drapey and flowy and will wear well matched with black, pink or even white bikini shorts.

bikini shorts


Extra On Top

If you want extra coverage on top and bottom this top is perfect. The geometric design might play tricks on your eyes, but it’s totally adorable.

bikini shorts

Sultry On Top

If you want to mix up your look and go for a more sexy, skimpy look on the top, this top is right for you.

bikini shorts


This scalloped top will really look good with any kind of bottoms, not just bikini shorts. It’s an extra cute twist to put on the bandeau style bikini tops that are so popular and it’s on the list as the best bikini for a small bust.

bikini shorts

Leafy Greens

This leaf print is extremely popular this season. When paired with bikini shorts you’ll be the best-dressed nature loving lady by the pool.

bikini shorts


This underwire bandeau top will give you plenty of support and mix up your look from typical underwire bikini tops that follow the classic bikini top too closely.

bikini shorts


One Big Criss Cross

Cris-cross style bikinis will always look good with your bikini shorts and this top is no exception. It’s a new spin on the style as the whole top crosses itself instead of the cross being an added detail at the bottom.

bikini shorts

Colorfully Cropped

This colorful bikini top which fits more like a crop top is perfect for any active plans you have while wearing your bikini shorts. bikini shorts

Navy Baby

You’ll break necks at the beach if you have a pair of white bikini shorts to match with this beautiful push-up top.

bikini shorts

Open Up

Which is cuter? The roped detail or the open in the middle design of this top? If you said both, you’re totally right.

bikini shorts