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10 Ways To Style A Brazilian Bikini - Cultivated Style
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While during the summer it's hard to feel like your style is about nothing but bikinis, bikinis, bikinis there are plenty of things you can do to spice up your look. One of the most fun swimsuits to style is the Brazillian bikini. There's no end to the different vibes you can send while wearing this choice of swimwear. Start accessorizing.

Get A Tan

Yes, your skin tone counts as a tool to style your look. Exfoliate your skin and give yourself a nice even spray of self-tanner. Your tan will be most successful if you use a nozzle that works for any angle. This will minimize your risk of missing a spot.

brazilian bikini

Hit The Hay

Maybe more like straw, but you get the point. A straw hat or a hat that just gives off that vibe will keep hair and the sun out of your eyes while you look extra adorable in your favorite Brazillian bikini.

Stay Golden

Gold accessories look good with nearly any Brazillian bikini. Gold stands out against all skin tones and compliments virtually any color your bikini might be.

brazillian bikini

A Denim Button Up

If you're not into the flowy boho cover-up or any other style of cover-up a simple denim shirt slips over a bikini perfectly.

brazillian bikini
brazillian bikini

Throw Some Shade

Well, you don't have to do that, but definitely, consider what style of sunglasses you choose to wear with a Brazillian bikini. Shades are a classic beach accessory.

brazillian bikini

Get Flashy

Keep your clothes on, but try out a few flash tattoos. Gold, reflective temporary tattoos are a great addition or workaround to gold jewelry.

Pucker Up

That's right, sometimes the things right in front of your face (literally) are some of your best assets for beachwear. Pick a bold shade of lipstick and rock your Brazillian bikini.

brazillian bikini
brazillian bikini


The beach bag you carry can be just as iconic as the purse you carry with you every day. Pick a style that truly reflects you.

brazillian bikini

Cover Up

Since a Brazillian bikini tends to show off a little more booty than other styles a cover-up is both a stylish and useful piece to have on hand.

brazillian bikini
brazillian bikini

Chained To Style

Body chains are a more fun way to work jewelry-like accessories into your beach look. They create extra lines and a slimming effect.

brazillian bikini