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Whether you need a beach bikini, a bikini for pool days or bikinis for plus size ladies, this season’s green bikini options are there for you. While everyone seems to be sticking to simple neutral colors this season, embrace your earthy side and add a green bikini to your collection. The styles and designs are endless, but here are some of the best.

Cut It Out

Solid fabric? Okay. Cutouts that line your bikini? The best! This style updates the classic halter look in a trendy, tasteful way.

green bikini


Crop It

For all of your sporty or more casual occasions, pick a green bikini that will comfortably move with you but still show off your physique. green bikini


Normally you would see green leaves, but this green bikini uses a green background and negative space to create its unique bikini

Stay Minty Fresh

This shade of green and its cousin shade of blue blew up a few years ago and haven’t stopped looking beautiful on everyone¬†since then. Your green bikini can and should depart from the green crayon shade and find a happy place among cooler bikini

X Marks The Spot

This season is all about the extra lines you can add to your bikinis. Add a few to your green bikini by picking one with details in the chest area that match the extra lines on your bottomsgreen bikini


Trick Everyone

The tiny latticework on this green bikini may look like a window to your skin, but rest assured, it’s not. That being said, that trick makes this choice extra flirty and bikini

Throw Some Leaves On It

Your green bikini can always focus around the actual greenery you may find on your next island adventure. green bikini

Go Deeper

Go deep into the shade of green and throw in a funky pattern. This green bikini will have you feeling like a beautiful mermaid in no time.

green bikini

Up To Your Neck

Wear your green bikini as a high-neck top with a strappy look across this chest. Bonus points if your bottoms match the strappy look up top.

green bikini


Who said you had to follow the typical color procedure for animal stripes? Green is just as good a color as any when you’re exuding your wild vibes.
green bikini